Lazar Milicevic - live scores, results, fixtures

Lazar Milicevic - live scores, results, fixtures

Lazar Milicevic
Name: Lazar Milicevic
Country: Serbia
Birthdate: 30.07.02, 21 years
Matches total: 45
Win: 26
%: 57.78 %
yearsummaryHardClayI. hardCarpetGrassAcrylic
perc. %57.78 %69.23 %53.13 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
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Lazar Milicevic / Latest Scores

02.02.232nd roundStefanos SakellaridisLazar Milicevic7-5, 6-2 lostmatch detailsTunisia M15 Monastir Hard
01.02.231st roundLazar MilicevicJack Loge7-66, 0-6, 7-5 winmatch details
30.01.23qual.Lazar MilicevicDylan Salton6-3, 6-2 winmatch details
29.01.23q 1Lazar MilicevicChia-Fan Tsao6-2, 6-0 winmatch details
30.11.221st roundArthur BouquierLazar Milicevic7-5, 6-4 lostmatch detailsTunisia M25 Monastir Hard
29.11.22qual.Lazar MilicevicGabriele Thomas Brancatelli6-2, 6-2 winmatch details
28.11.22q 2Lazar MilicevicYanick Schneider6-0, 6-3 winmatch details
21.11.22qual.Yujiro OnumaLazar Milicevic7-5, 6-3 lostmatch detailsTunisia M15 Monastir Hard
20.11.22q 1Lazar MilicevicMin Seong Kim6-1, 6-0 winmatch details
16.11.221st roundMaxence BeaugeLazar Milicevic6-3, 6-4 lostmatch detailsTunisia M15 Monastir Hard
14.11.22q 2Lazar MilicevicMayeul Darras6-4, 6-2 winmatch details
14.11.22qual.Lazar MilicevicHong-Lin Fu5-7, 6-2, 10-4 winmatch details
13.11.22q 1Lazar MilicevicMin Seong Kim6-1, 6-1 winmatch details
12.09.22q 2Shunsuke WakitaLazar Milicevic1-6, 6-4, 10-2 lostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Zlatibor Clay
11.09.22q 1Lazar MilicevicNikola Mitrovic6-1, 6-1 winmatch details
30.08.221st roundDragos Nicolae MadarasLazar Milicevic6-1, 6-0 lostmatch detailsHungary M25 Szabolcsveresmart Clay
22.08.22q 2Samuel PaulovcakLazar Milicevic6-1, 3-6, 10-8 lostmatch detailsAustria M15 Bad Clay
21.08.22q 1Lazar MilicevicRafael Kis Balazs6-2, 6-0 winmatch details
31.07.22q 1Dusan MilanovicLazar Milicevic6-1, 1-0, Lazar Milicevic - retiredlostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Novi Clay
26.06.22q 1Nicolas ZanellatoLazar Milicevic6-1, 4-0, Lazar Milicevic - retiredlostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Belgrade Clay
12.06.22q 1Radu Florin MacoveiLazar Milicevic7-65, 7-5 lostmatch detailsMacedonia M15 Skopje Clay
19.05.222nd roundTimo LegoutLazar Milicevic6-1, 2-0, Lazar Milicevic - retiredlostmatch detailsCroatia M25 Osijek Clay
18.05.221st roundLazar MilicevicMihai Razvan Marinescu7-5, 3-6, 6-3 winmatch details
17.05.22qual.Lazar MilicevicBruno Balic6-2, 6-1 winmatch details
16.05.22q 2Lazar MilicevicAnte Cikojevic7-5, 6-1 winmatch details
20.03.22q 1Niklas WaldnerLazar Milicevic6-4, 1-6, 10-6 lostmatch detailsCroatia M25 Opatija Clay
14.03.22q 2Federico MarchettiLazar Milicevic6-3, 6-1 lostmatch detailsCroatia M25 Rovinj Clay
13.03.22q 1Lazar MilicevicDrazen Petrovic6-4, 3-6, 11-9 winmatch details
08.03.22qual.Alen BillLazar Milicevic7-5, 5-7, 10-7 lostmatch detailsCroatia M25 Porec Clay
07.03.22q 2Lazar MilicevicDrazen Petrovic7-5, 1-0, Drazen Petrovic - retiredwinmatch details
06.03.22q 1Lazar MilicevicTim Heger6-2, 6-4 winmatch details
28.07.211st roundMarko MiladinovicLazar Milicevic6-3, 1-6, 6-3 lostmatch detailsSerbia M15 Novi Clay
27.07.21qual.Lazar MilicevicMatic Dimic6-74, 6-2, 10-8 winmatch details
26.07.21q 2Lazar MilicevicFranco Roncadelli6-75, 6-4, 10-5 winmatch details
25.07.21q 1Lazar MilicevicDomagoj Biljesko6-2, 6-3 winmatch details
30.06.211st roundMirko MartinezLazar Milicevic7-5, 5-7, 6-2 lostmatch detailsSerbia M25 Belgrade Clay
31.05.21q 2Niels ViskerLazar Milicevic6-74, 6-3, 12-10 lostmatch detailsMacedonia M15 Skopje Clay
30.05.21q 1Lazar MilicevicStrahinja Rakic5-7, 6-0, 10-4 winmatch details
21.05.211st roundMatheus Pucinelli De AlmeidaLazar Milicevic7-5, 7-5 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M15 Brcko Clay
18.05.21qual.Lazar MilicevicDusan Rajic7-63, 6-4 winmatch details
18.05.21q 2Lazar MilicevicYann Wojcik6-4, 6-4 winmatch details
16.05.21q 1Lazar MilicevicKyle Rae6-4, 6-4 winmatch details
11.05.21qual.Kristijan JuhasLazar Milicevic6-3, 6-0 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M15 Prijedor Clay
10.05.21q 2Lazar MilicevicDusan Rajic6-2, 6-2 winmatch details
09.05.21q 1Lazar MilicevicStefan Micov6-1, 6-2 winmatch details