Merel Hoedt - live scores, results, fixtures

Merel Hoedt - live scores, results, fixtures

Merel Hoedt
Name: Merel Hoedt
Country: Holland
Birthdate: 20.08.99, 22 years
WTA ranking: 661
TOP ranking's position: 624 (24.12.18, 3900 points)
Points: 55
Prize money: 29.767 $
Matches total: 159
Win: 82
%: 51.57 %
yearsummaryHardClayI. hardCarpetGrassAcrylic
perc. %51.57 %52.38 %52.13 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
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Merel Hoedt / Fixtures

17.01.22qual.Merel Hoedt Taylor Ng match detailsBrazil W25 Florianopolis Hard

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Merel Hoedt / Latest Scores

16.01.22q 1Merel HoedtKwan Yau Ng6-2, 6-1 winmatch detailsBrazil W25 Florianopolis Hard
23.11.211st roundPanna UdvardyMerel Hoedt6-3, 6-4 lostmatch detailsBrazil W60 Brasilia Clay
22.11.21qual.Merel HoedtMiriana Tona3-6, 6-1, 10-7 winmatch details
21.11.21q 1Merel HoedtMariana Borges6-0, 6-0 winmatch details
11.11.212nd roundLaura PigossiMerel Hoedt2-6, 6-2, 6-2 lostmatch detailsBrazil W25 Aparecida Clay
10.11.211st roundMerel HoedtLuisa Meyer Auf Der Heide3-6, 6-1, 6-1 winmatch details
28.10.212nd roundJulia RieraMerel Hoedt6-1, 4-6, 6-3 lostmatch detailsTurkey W15 Antalya Clay
27.10.211st roundMerel HoedtVanessa Ersoz6-2, 3-4, Vanessa Ersoz - retiredwinmatch details
26.10.21qual.Merel HoedtFangran Tian6-3, 6-2 winmatch details
25.10.21q 2Merel HoedtZineb El Ouazzani6-0, 6-1 winmatch details
11.10.21qual.Maria Sara PopaMerel Hoedt6-2, 6-75, 10-8 lostmatch detailsPeru W25 Lima Clay
07.10.211st roundMerel HoedtIngrid Gamarra Martins6-2, 4-1, Ingrid Gamarra Martins - retiredwinmatch detailsPeru W25 Lima Clay
07.10.212nd roundBibiane SchoofsMerel Hoedt3-6, 6-2, 6-1 lostmatch details
18.08.211st roundPaula RumpfMerel Hoedt2-6, 7-64, 6-3 lostmatch detailsGermany W15 Erwitte Clay
13.08.211/4Sada NahimanaMerel Hoedt6-3, 7-65 lostmatch detailsBelgium W25 Koksijde Clay
11.08.212nd roundMerel HoedtIndy De Vroome6-3, 2-3, Indy De Vroome - retiredwinmatch details
10.08.211st roundMerel HoedtOana Georgeta Simion6-2, 5-7, 6-3 winmatch details
09.08.21qual.Merel HoedtBerta Bonardi7-5, 6-75, 10-4 winmatch details
08.08.21q 1Merel HoedtSarah Beth Grey6-3, 6-3 winmatch details
28.07.211st roundEmeline DartronMerel Hoedt3-6, 6-3, 6-3 lostmatch detailsBelgium W15 Knokke Clay
05.07.21q 1Daniela VismaneMerel Hoedt6-3, 7-66 lostmatch detailsHolland W60 Amstelveen Clay
27.06.21q 1Eva LysMerel Hoedt6-2, 6-0 lostmatch detailsHolland W25 The Clay
22.06.211st roundEva VedderMerel Hoedt6-1, 5-7, 6-4 lostmatch detailsHolland W15 Alkmaar Clay
25.05.21qual.Malene HelgoMerel Hoedt6-1, 6-2 lostmatch detailsLatvia W25 Liepaja Clay
24.05.21q 2Merel HoedtKristel Van Der Heijden6-2, 7-5 winmatch details
28.04.211st roundElina AvanesyanMerel Hoedt6-3, 6-2 lostmatch detailsEgypt W15 Cairo Clay
21.04.211st roundMaria TimofeevaMerel Hoedt6-2, 6-1 lostmatch detailsEgypt W15 Cairo Clay
01.04.212nd roundEliessa VanlangendonckMerel Hoedt4-6, 6-4, 6-3 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
31.03.211st roundMerel HoedtSalma Djoubri6-2, 7-63 winmatch details
30.03.21qual.Merel HoedtStacey Fung6-4, 6-2 winmatch details
29.03.21q 2Merel HoedtNaoko Eto6-0, 7-5 winmatch details
23.03.211st roundSuzan LamensMerel Hoedt6-1, 6-4 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
15.03.21qual.Rina SaigoMerel Hoedt6-1, 6-4 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
14.03.21q 1Merel HoedtRenee Van Bommel6-2, 6-4 winmatch details
11.03.212nd roundAna Lantigua De La NuezMerel Hoedt6-3, 6-4 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
10.03.211st roundMerel HoedtAsya Colombo6-3, 6-1 winmatch details
08.03.21qual.Merel HoedtChelsea Vanhoutte6-3, 7-5 winmatch details
07.03.21q 1Merel HoedtAlessia Tagliente6-1, 6-2 winmatch details
03.03.211st roundRisa UshijimaMerel Hoedt6-4, 6-1 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
01.03.21q 1Merel HoedtFerdaous Bahri6-3, 6-0 winmatch details
01.03.21qual.Merel HoedtKarola Patricia Bejenaru6-4, 5-3, Karola Patricia Bejenaru - retiredwinmatch details
18.11.201st roundLea BoskovicMerel Hoedt6-4, 6-0 lostmatch detailsEgypt W15 Sharm Hard
11.11.201st roundIryna ShymanovichMerel Hoedt6-4, 6-1 lostmatch detailsEgypt W15 Sharm Hard
04.11.201st roundDaria MishinaMerel Hoedt6-4, 6-0 lostmatch detailsEgypt W15 Sharm Hard
26.10.20q 1Merel HoedtAnna Ulyashchenko7-63, 6-3 winmatch detailsEgypt W15 Sharm Hard
26.10.20q 2Jasmine ConwayMerel Hoedt6-2, 4-6, 10-5 lostmatch details
09.09.201st roundAnna UkolovaMerel Hoedt6-74, 6-2, 6-4 lostmatch detailsFrance W15 Saint Clay
11.03.201st roundKatarina KuzmovaMerel Hoedt6-72, 6-4, 7-62 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
27.02.202nd roundNefisa BerberovicMerel Hoedt6-3, 6-2 lostmatch detailsTunisia W15 Monastir Hard
25.02.201st roundMerel HoedtNastja Kolar6-0, 6-4 winmatch details